Homemade Double-Sided Marble Board Games

Double-Sided Marble Board Games

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Board Style: Cedar


Hand Crafted 2 foot round double sided board
Many types of wood e.g. Hickory, Cedar, Oak, Walnut, Maple & Cherry
Polyurethane glossy finish
Large Marbles which are easy to grasp and see
Laminated set of rules
Anywhere from 2-6 can play
Similar board on Amazon or Ebay is $140, mine sells for $70
3/4" holes, where if one bumps the board the marbles don't move (Like the cardboard game Sorry or Aggravation)
Appeals to a wide age range, had 5 year olds to 101 years old play the game
Board can become an heirloom (at many craft shows people have said their grandpa made a board like that)
The game is simple yet strategic.

The Crafting Process

About Us

I'm a retired chemical engineer, my wife and I were out with some friends and played this game using a two foot round board, marbles and playing cards. I fell in love with the game and knew I could make the board. After drawing up a template and experimenting with different woods, coatings and router bits I came up with my final design.

I volunteer at a local assisted living facility once per week and play this game with 97 & 101 year olds. There are different variations of the game such as people using dice, having a hole in the middle of the board and lots of varying rules. The game is like the game "Sorry" or "Aggravation". The game is fun & addicting. I have sold over 100 boards in 3 years.

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